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Thread: Pooping once a week... Now pooping all the time

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    Default Pooping once a week... Now pooping all the time

    My 11 wk old only pooped once a week for the first several weeks of his life. The doctor advised at the time that this is common for breasted babies. He explained that he was just utilizing all of the breastmilk. Recently, I decided to change my diet to see if I could increase my milk supply. ie: oatmeal, rice and whole grains. I also eliminated milk b/c he was very gassy and I was told by several people that he could have a milk sensitivity. Well, he went from pooping once a week to daily. (Some times 2x a day) I'm not sure if it was my diet change that caused this sudden change because he also got his shots around the same time that I changed my diet and also he started taking a daily vitamin. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or have you experienced something similar?

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    Default Re: Pooping once a week... Now pooping all the time

    Quick question - Did your supply increase?
    My LO got EBM only for quite a while (8weeks) then we went to nursing. He started going from once a week, to four times a day, to once or twice a day.
    In my case it was because he started getting more foremilk. (In a bottle that was all mixed, when nursing foremilk comes first) If your supply increased, he may be getting more foremilk, which would make him go more. It scared me at first, but he seems fine now.

    Is he having a growth spurt? Some ladies say babies poos will become more frequent, sometimes even green for a little while, because they nurse more and it causes them to get more foremilk.

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    Default Re: Pooping once a week... Now pooping all the time

    I don't think that my milk supply has increased. I don't know. He's eating habits have not changed. Although, I do notice he's sleeping more during the day and is fussier at night... That's the only other difference.

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