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    So my son is a 3-4 times a day pooper and normally poops with in 5 mins of waking up each morning. Well today he didn't poop this morning and hasn't pooped all day. We happened to go get 2 shots today and I asked the nurse. She said it is normal and not to worry. What do you guys think? Just seems odd and this isn't normal for him at all.

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    This can definately be normal. My LO pooped less as she got older. I remember being worried. It's funny how uptight we all get over poopy!

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    This usually happens to us on Sundays, when we're off to church. Oh sure, all the rest of the week, LO gives a nice big poop within an hour of waking. But on Sundays, she waits 'til I get her dressed in a beautiful dress, pretty socks and shoes, a fancy bow in the hair and we're sitting in a quiet congregation, listening to a lovely sermon. Needless to say, the sound effects are VERY embarrassing and 9 times out of 10, we're off to the nursery to change the entire outfit due to the blowout!

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    I guessed by your post that your LO is about 5 months old. That's when my guy stopped the frequent stools, as do a lot of babies. Their guts mature quite a bit between 4 and 6 months (aside: that's why it's important to start solids after 6 months of age), and they use more of the breastmilk, which means less waste, so less poop.
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