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Thread: how long?

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    Question how long?

    my left side doesnt produce as much as the right side. i am putting him to the left side first to increase milk or just for comfot.i was just wondering how long it takes for my body to respond to the demand?

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    I can't remember exactly how long it took for me to even out. My left side was bigger and produced WAY more milk. I'd say sometime between 7 and 12 weeks it got better, so I'd give it awhile before stressing.

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    Just a heads up by after I returned to work I haven't been able to get my left side to produce as much... I took Fenugreek, drink mother's milk tea, and start him on that side. It didn't help.... don't get me wrong your situation maybe different, but sometimes they won't produce the same, but it's ok, as long as baby is getting sastisfied!
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