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Thread: is it ok to complety stop breastfeeding at12mths??

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    Default is it ok to complety stop breastfeeding at12mths??


    my son is nearly 13mths and was wondering is it ok to complety stop breastfeeding? he has cows milk threw day and nurses at bedtime..

    dont really wana give him formula as its sooo expensive and i feel gulity as i have the milk etc..

    i have to see the dermogloist when jacob is 14mths old and he wants to give me a strong drug to help clear up my face, but can't as im breastfeeding..

    and i also wana put some weight on too, i wana get back to my pre pregnancy weight, when u wean do u put weight on ???

    i am pleased that have done my goal, my goal was to breastfeed to 12mths and i have successfully done it

    people are quite shocked to hear that im still feeding, i just thought it was normal and a natural thing to breastfeed for the 1st year..

    he was a 5week old premie and he only weighs 7.7kgs, that was what he was at his 11and half mth old check up.
    he eats heaps too, but a tiny boy..

    i feel a bit gulity about compltly stoping breastfeeding this is normal aye?

    because i know how good it is for him..

    he was 5pound 1oz at birth

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    Default Re: is it ok to complety stop breastfeeding at12mths??

    its up to you when to wean your baby..
    the womaly art of breastfeeding has a good chapter about weaning and how to do it slowly with love.
    check out some of the stories here, maybe one of them will help you figure out what you want to do.

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