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    Hi Everyone...
    First time mom here. I'm EBF my LO and things seem to be going well. I have a few questions and am hoping I can get some guidance here...

    I'll be going back to work in about a month (mid June). When should I start pumping? I plan to BF her when we're together, but she'll have to get a bottle when she's at daycare.
    And then, how and when should I pump? Right now she goes for about 10 minutes at each feeding on one side. When I pump, do I pump both sides? How long should I pump for? And do I pump after I nurse, or before or somewhere in between feedings? Once I go back to work, I'll probably only be able to pump twice during the work day - will that affect my supply?

    TIA for the help!

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    Well, I'm not an expert, but I'll tell you what I did; I pumped after each nursing session (well after about 60% of them) for about 10 minutes. I used a PIS (then a PISA) and pumped both sides. I started about 4 weeks prior to returning to work.

    This enabled me to slowly build the freezer stash. What I did was to store EBM in the fridge until I had about 3-4oz and then transfered to a bag and froze it. I took the freezer stash to the DCP. I also pump 3x while at work and take that everyday to the DCP, so the milk is always replenished.

    As for the question on how often to pump, I'd advise to pump every 3 hours, especially in the beginning when your supply is not as established. I've done so weird things to make this happen, pump in car, etc.

    Can you tell a little more about the work schedule you will have?
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