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Thread: Fussy -teething? Growth Spurt?

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    Question Fussy -teething? Growth Spurt?

    Lo has been fussy for the past week or so. We have been nursing about 2 weeks now. LO seems happy at the breast. Diapers are good.
    He has been having crying spells off and on for several days. Always after he is fed and clean. Sometimes the only way to comfort him is to put him on my shoulder and let him look around and pat him. Other times this does not work. At times he is in a seemingly great mood, and boom he has a crying spell.

    There have been a few times that I can barely console him. He has not been like this in the past. He seems more restless. He has also been waking up to nurse the past two nights, which he has not been doing.
    We are pretty sure he is starting to teethe. He hates the washcloth, and (hes 12 weeks) is to little to hold a teether or get one in his mouth well. He likes to chew my finger. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

    My mother thinks he is fighting sleep? Or also she thinks he may be spoiled and only likes to be held one way and is just throwing fits? She also thinks teething may be a part, and gave me some homepatheic teething pills. Sometimes I think they help, sometimes not.

    I just wonder if this is all from the teething, my God it's going to be a long awful process.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Fussy -teething? Growth Spurt?

    Hi, I would say its all the above. Definally could be teething as my daughter started to teeth at 3-4 months and didnt actually cut teeth till 6 months and got 6 all at once! Also he could be becoming more aware of his surroundings etc.. That will definally affect sleep/eating. Growth spurts can come at any time really and those can be really hard on baby. If you think about all they go thru in the 1st year its ALOT! I dont think I could handle it. My lo is a year now and I can say it does get alot better! Hang in there!
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