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Thread: Had to skip a session two days in a row

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    Default Had to skip a session two days in a row

    My work situation is making it harder and harder to keep up with my goal of pumping 3x a day. Usually, I pump three times at work and also feed the baby over my lunch period. Yesterday, however, I had to skip a pumping session.

    I didn't feel too bad about skipping because I figured I'd make up for it today. Unfortunately, my receptionist is sick again and I had to cover for her, and getting breaks from my office manager is like pulling teeth.

    So, not only did I have to skip my lunch period where I nurse DS (5 months old), I also had to skip a pumping session.

    Will everything be OK? I generally just nurse DS on demand when he comes home from DC, and tonight I will have absolutely no time to pump until around 8 or 9pm.

    Will my supply drop from these two days of skipping sessions, or should I be fine?
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    Default Re: Had to skip a session two days in a row

    I've had to skip a session here & there and haven't noticed a big hit in my supply. As long as I get back into my routine shortly after I'm good to go. If I do notice a small dip, I drink lots of water and get right back on track.
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