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    I continued taking my prenatal vitamins since giving birth. I just recently ran out (they were the Nature Made brand that you could find pretty much anywhere). I bought some new ones at Whole Foods called Simply One Prenatal. They are supposed to be green foods based and they are the type of vitamins that make you pee fluorescent yellow (I've had this happen with vitamins before). But, now since starting them I've noticed that my milk is also kind of bright yellow (I pump at work). It is definately not fluorescent, but still brighter and more yellow than it used to be. Is this still okay? I'm assuming that the other prenatal vitamins came through my milk also, I just didn't see any color change. Here's a link to the vitamins:

    I'm sure they are fine, but I just want to be reassured by others who may have noticed some color change in milk due to vitamins or other things.
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    Yeah, I took one of those multi vitamin daily packs (non prental) when I ran out of my regular prenatals- sure enough- bright yellow milk. I called my ped, who had never really encountered that, but said to go back to the old vit's just to be safe, since she wasn't sure which vitamin was causing the color change.

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