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Thread: Another Business Travel question

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    Default Another Business Travel question

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting out of traveling when the job "requires" it.

    When I came back from maternity leave last time, my company wanted me to start traveling again right away. I was quite upset because I had been given a non-traveling position but then they had to put me back on the billable work but I didn't think they'd make me travel. They don't "need" me to travel but they don't want to be understanding I guess.

    To make a long story short, I ended up getting a doctor's note saying I was depressed and couldn't travel and they had to accept it because of the FMLA. I didn't travel then until dd was 10 months old. I've only made a few trips since, but now I'm pregnant again and I'm already stressed about what will happen when I come back from maternity leave. I don't know if I can pull the same trick again with the doctor's note. Maybe. I've been looking for other jobs but haven't found anything and I can't afford to take a pay cut just yet.

    Why aren't there any laws protecting breastfeeding mothers from being separated from their infants!!!!

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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    Default Re: Another Business Travel question

    Wow. I'm so sorry you are going through this stress and strain.

    Is there anyone at your company that you can approach in a proactive way - HR or your supervisor(s)? By proactive, I mean, can you lay out some kind of, "I really am dedicated to doing the best job I can and here's what I think I can offer as strenghts. Right now my strenghts are not in areas that require travel and since travel actually could be a hinderance to my performance, I'd like to avoid that but continue to contribute in my most effective capacity...." Believe me, I think it's horrible that we have to dance around and beg to be treated with compassion and understanding. But if you are correct in saying that your job really doesn't NEED you to travel, then there should be ways to solve this - hopefully! I've found that if I can come up with a way to present possible solutions to a situation instead of making it seem like I'm coming in with a big complaint that I want someone else to fix, that I get better results...

    Are there any other working moms there who may have negotiated this path before you that you could turn to for input?

    And I don't think that it's really a 'trick' to get your doc to help out on this. If the stress of even worrying about travel is taking a toll on you, that's a potential risk for you and your baby-to-be. If you are concerned about that part and your doc supports you in those concerns, that's perfectly legit ground to ask for a doc's note to help support your request to stay put and work from the main site and not travel.

    Good luck....please keep us posted!!

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    Default Re: Another Business Travel question

    How far away are you traveling? I have to be out of town for a week every summer for my job and then for shorter trips throughout the year. I always take my nursing baby (I have three kids and have done this with all three) and someone to take care of him/her (my mom, a sister, etc) with me. My caregiver stays in the hotel room with the baby and then calls me on my cell when it is time to nurse. Most of the time I am attending a conference in the hotel, so it works out very well for me.

    I have no idea if that is an option for you, but thought I would toss it out there. Even if baby could not be in the same local as you all day, you would get to see her in the evenings, morning and sleep with her.

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    Default Re: Another Business Travel question

    Thanks for your suggestions. Linda, I really like the way you worded your suggested approach to my boss. I might try that again to see if they are anymore receptive this time.

    I have also thought about taking baby with me. That might be a possibility if I can afford the extra plane ticket anyway.

    I'll see what I can do. I have until next year to figure it out - I guess I shouldn't stress yet!!!

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