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Thread: Weaning question

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    Question Weaning question

    I am in the slow process of weaning. Menaing - we aren't in any hurry but we are heading that direction over the course of the next few months.
    Currently we are feeding - when he gets up in the morning (this is one he nurses the most at), when he gets up from his am and pm naps and before bed. Occassionally there's another feed mid-day, but we are doing pretty good at "forgetting" that one! And one day last week he skipped his after am nap feed too - went from morning feed to after pm nap.
    He is doing okay with the fewer feeds, I usually try and just distract or give him something else when he is bored and asking. If he is hurt or needs it, I usually give him some.
    He is getting enough milk products during the day so I am not worried about increasing that at this point.
    My question is - how do I know if the milk supply is going down. I am thinking it is, but even after a feed I can squeeze and get some milk drops out. I think sometimes he is just sucking and not getting anything. And sometimes right after feeding he will drink well of some milk or juice - making me think he is still thirsty.
    Diapers haven't changed, but he is commensating I think in his liquids - which would make sense. He is too young to tell me "milk gone" but he sometimes starts hitting my breasts while nursing - not sure if he is trying to get more out or if he is just bored and playing
    Any thoughts - is this sounding normal? If he isn't getting milk I am thinking I should work on dropping another feed and continue weaning, but I am not sure. I am still rather torn on whether I will wean completly by the time the next one arrives in Mar or if we will still have 1-2 feeds. I know I don't want more then that and I think I will more then likely wean completly by the end of the year. But...........
    Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

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    Default Re: Weaning question

    I have no experience with your situation at this point, so my response is pretty much just off the top of my head . I don't think you need to worry too much about whether your milk supply is decreasing. It sounds like he is able to take in as much fluids as he needs from other sources (i.e. if he's thirsty even after nursing then he drinks something else). He may be nursing as much for comfort as for the milk. I would just continue on whatever course you feel is best for both of you (and the rest of the family), whether that be weaning completely or partially or whatever. He will adjust his fluid intake.

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