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Thread: whining at the breast

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    Default whining at the breast

    For the past week or two, DS has been very fussy at the breast. He'll latch on and then just whine and cry while latched! This happens especially in the afternoon, but sometimes in the morning as well. I try to calm him and he'll suck, then go back to whining which sometimes ends up as a full blown cry.

    Also over the past two weeks, my body has finally (after 6months of painful oversupply) stopped making too much milk. I get full in the morning, but not noticeably full in the afternoons. When he whines like this, he doesn't seem satisfied with all his feedings. Or could it be pressure from teething? I don't see any signs of teeth breaking through, but I don't quite know what to look for either.

    My mother thinks he needs more to eat and the ped thought he was ready for more food too, so today I started giving him a little fruit at breakfast in addition to cereal at dinner. He seemed happy to have it, but was uninterested after a few teaspoons.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: whining at the breast

    Does he do most of the whining at the beginning of feedings? I also experienced a major oversupply, and then my body started regulating the milk production better. When this happened my let-down reflex was slower than what she was used to, and the flow of milk slower when it did come. We went through some times where she would also whine and fuss quite a bit because she was frustrated with the slower let down and flow overall (she was used to instant gratification, as my milk would let down fast and hard, and the flow was very fast). Sometimes even when the milk has finally let down she has gotten herself so worked up and frustrated that she won't eat and will end up crying. Do you think that could be it ?

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