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Thread: My poor baby - painful poop

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    Oster makes great blenders! Mine's almost ten years old and it's still my favourite. Unfortunately, I don't remember how much that one was specifically, but it was in their lower price range.

    Applejuice gets my DS moving better than anything.
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    What worked for us - still hard poops but not painful:

    - at least one p fruit a day (peaches, pears, plums, prunes...)
    - up the liquid intake - we added more water

    I also give her something I call the poop cocktail when it has been a few days - prunes, oatmeal and breastmilk or water.

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    I was told that all the p fruit and veg help with pooping (peas, peaches, pears, prunes, etc.) We also had to finally give the kids Milk of Magnesia (GI said it was better than a suppository) each day when they have hard painfull poops. I think they were about 8 mo when he suggested that. (1/2 tsp per day). You will want to talk to your ped before giving it though to get the proper dose for your child. We now usually use either pear or prune juice.
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    My LO was backed up after starting solids too. The longer the poop is in there, the harder it is to poop it out. If he didn't go for a couple days and was straining and passing only small amounts, I'd take a Q-tip, gently insert it an inch, give it a twirl, and a few seconds later, he would poop. A little gross, I know.

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    My baby boy had that kind of problem too. He would poop all day but only little came out. He cried/screamed while he's pooping as well. So I stopped baby cereal and cheerios and gave him more juice/water and breastfed him more often. I fed him more pears and peach and after 2-3 days, he seemed to be okay again. Now he poops good, sometime small amount, sometimes a lot but he doesn't cry anymore. I just start baby cereal again today but keep it to only 1.5 tbs/day. I hope this information helps and hope your baby is doing okay now.

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    I have not read the other post but i would tell you to stop the rice and see if things get better over a week. I had to stop rice of any kids for dd2 (mostly rice cereal) and give her pasta and oatmeal but in limited amounts.
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