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Thread: I am sooo confused!!! Help;)

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    try to remember every child is different. my oldest dd, ate everything i gave her. i think i started solids arounds 5 1/2 months. her brother on the other hand, was a different story. i started about the same time. he would only eat a couple of bites of something and then not eat anymore. he outright refused to eat cereal, even if i mixed it with fruit or yogurt. i tried different kinds of cereal. no dice. everyone was telling me he needed to eat cereal for the iron. i spent a couple of weeks really worried as he was basically only nursing. then i realized that at 7 months he was 22 lbs. hardly lacking in nutrition, and as big as he was, he was an active little guy. i finally figured that when he was ready he would eat. by 9 months he was eating everything. he pretty much skipped cereals and eating pureed food. slowly add new foods, and let your little one take the lead in adding new foods. below is a link that i found in a previous thread. especially great if you are concerned about allergies.


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    Great advice from pp.. 6 months is not a magic age when you have to start solids, just the age when it is recommended. My pediatrician at our 6 month visit said " Sometime between now and college you can start to introduce solids." I know it can be confusing getting conflicting advice, do what works best for you and you feel is best for your baby. (see my siggy)
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