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Thread: Easy way to keep hands out of way

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    Default Easy way to keep hands out of way

    Question to ponder...My 11 DO daughter latches on easy and without discomfort during the day b/c she is up and wake. During night it is like pulling teeth with her. Her hands start pushing away, her feet start kicking, she then gets frustrated. It is like she forgot how to latch on, she will then she will kick it out with her tounge. I was just seeing if anyone else had this problem and what they did. This has been th ebest one for BF o far and I do not want to quit till I have to start my athletic season again next year.

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    Are you putting her in a different position at night than you are during the day?

    Sometimes when I was having trouble at night (I nurse in the side lying position at night) I would have to sit up and hold my daughter like I do during the day (the cradle hold) and then lay down once I had her latched on and calm.
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    Have you tried swaddling her at night? My LO at 12 weeks still cannot sleep well if she is not wrapped up tight. When she is exhausted and fighting sleep she pushes with her arms as you described. Also, when she does fall asleep, if her arms are free, she flails them about, startles herself and wakes up!

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    My LO sometimes pushes away with his hands and I do not feel that he realizes what he is doing. Swaddling works for us. Depending on the position you use..If I use the cross cradle I can place his bottom arm under mine or tuck it into his chest. Then I just have one flailing hand to deal with =)
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