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Thread: how do you reduce your supply?

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    Default how do you reduce your supply?

    I don't feel like I have OS, but I do have a large supply. I pump 2x a day and yeild about 20-26 ounces a day. My lo only eats 18oz while I'm gone during the day at work. I'd like to reduce my supply slightly mostly because I'd like to cut out pumping on the weekends. right now i feel too full that i feel i need to pump on the weekends (plus i have 50 day freezer supply. ). i don't feel really engorged although lately it seems i'm getting close as it feels like my lo is not emptying my breast when he eats. i only feed one side per feeding; however, i can not do block feeding because i feed once in the morning and usually twice in the evening. once boob would be fully engorged all night long if i did try.

    so does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: how do you reduce your supply?

    Hi ,

    When you pump, are you pumping both breasts at the same time? Many moms find that pumping only one breast at a time will decrease milk supply.

    Shorter, more frequent feedings may also help reduce the fullness and engorgement you feel during the evenings and on weekends. When you feel engorged, you might try hand expressing, just a little, until you are comfortable.



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