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Thread: When do I start more than one solid a day?

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    Default When do I start more than one solid a day?

    My LO is 7 months and 2 weeks old. She is taking 12 oz BM with the DCP and nurses on demand before and after work. She eats one meal a day cereal/veggie and I started to add a little bit of fruit. When do I do more? Should I try cereal early and then the fruit/veggie later? I don't want to her stop BF so I am concerned. She is happy and content but also loves to eat. I haven't started any of the finger food things like dried fruit or puffs. She has no teeth. Thank you all for your help!

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    Default Re: When do I start more than one solid a day?

    Usually, for the first year of baby's life, his main nutrition comes from mother's milk. The solids are for experimentation and learning.

    The baby-led approach says that as long as baby is able to sit up unsupported, has his pincer grasp and has lost his tongue thrust reflex, he's ready to eat whatever he can feed himself.

    The other "rule" to bear in mind when introducing solids is to introduce new foods one at a time, each one for a few days, so you can observe if there are adverse reactions.

    You might want to visit this blog that talks about baby-led solids:
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    Default Re: When do I start more than one solid a day?

    My DD is 7MO and I just feed her about three times a day, but making sure to breastfeed first so I know she's getting most of her fill on the good stuff. She really varies right now as far as how much she eats. Some days it seems like she can't get enough food and other days she's not that interested. But, like PP said, for about the first 12 months breastmilk is most important nutritionally.

    here is a good link that may help you. I tend to offer solids more frequently than this menu suggests, but I also think my DD doesn't eat as much at once. I think it sounds like you are doing fine. Just follow your baby's cues.

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    Default Re: When do I start more than one solid a day?

    I started offering DD solids 2x a day around 8 mos, and at 9 mos we started 3x with snacks here and there. But I have read some other mommies have started multiple meals a lot earlier. If baby doesn't take onto it, back off and wait a week or so.

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