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    We've had constipation issues lately, I think banana and sweet potato are the main culprits. I want to give him mango for his next new food. Anybody know if that will constipate him? It doesn't seem like the kind of food that would, but I just want to play it safe. He's not drinking as much milk because of some major teething (top 4 teeth), so I know that's part of it too. I was thinking of mixing it with some avocado since that has gone through pretty smoothly so far.

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    I don't know of any reason not to. We found the mix-it-with-avocado thing very helpful too. I say whatever works!

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    From The Super Baby Food Book by Ruth Yaron, mangos are on the list of high risk of allergy foods.
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    Mango shouldn't constipate. It's very mild. All of my kids have loved it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2a View Post
    From The Super Baby Food Book by Ruth Yaron, mangos are on the list of high risk of allergy foods.
    I would check out the info on wholesomebabyfood.com because they explain why mango is said to be allergic but actually isn't. Why don't you try giving him mashed plums or prunes -it'll be new and help his digestion move along. Another good food for his digestion is pears.
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    My son loved mangos. Just a note... I don't know if you do your own purees, but it is a lot better than the canned. I've noticed that the Gerber mango is extremely high in sugar. I don't know why, you just need to buy a nice ripe mango and throw it in the blender more or less. Sometimes they tend to be a little almost stringy, so you just have to watch that.

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    For constipation, I try to give one P fruit a day (pears, prunes, peaches, plums...) My daughter LOVES mangos though. I think they are delicious too! I make smoothies with yogurt and canteloupes and she goes gaga for them.

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    When we slice off the "cheeks" of the mango, we give DS the pit. It has kept him happy for a very leisurely sunday brunch.

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