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Thread: cosleeping woes

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    When we are in bed, I always nurse DD while lying on my left side (because I sleep on the right side of the bed and she sleeps between me and DH). I kind of do what a pp mentioned for nursing from the top (or right as the case is here) breast. Actually, it's more comfortable for me to nurse from the right than the left lying like this, I'm sure body, breast size has something to do with it. It took some time to figure out how to do it most comfortably, but now it's totally second nature. I would have tried the side car idea, but it wouldn't work with our room. Co-sleeping has been a real life saver for us. It's the only way I get any sleep and DD sleeps better, too. DH likes the cuddle time with DD, also . A few months ago, we tried to move her to her crib, and it was a disaster, so we are co-sleeping now with no plans of changing it until she goes to a big girl bed. I also plan on co-sleeping from the get go with any future babies because it's just so cozy and works the best for us. If you are going to try the crib thing, you might want to look at Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution. I thought it gave great ideas for transitioning to a crib, but we decided to just ditch the crib idea for good. Good luck to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mollyb View Post
    Here is a link showing how one family sidecarred their crib.
    This is what we have done and it works great! We removed one side of the crib and there is just enough room between the wall and bed for the crib so it is secure. Lucky for us the height of the mattresses lined up perfectly and the fit is very secure.
    It works well for us and DH and I can still have our cuddle time at the beginning of the night. I usually put DD2 down at the beginning of the night in the crib. She sleeps in a swaddler. She usually wakes up between 3 and 4 to nurse, so I nurse her side-lying facing toward the crib and away from DH. She usually wakes up again around 6 or 7 and then I pull her to the middle of the bed to nurse some more (side lying on my right side), in between DH and me. This works great for us and I never have to get up to night nurse.

    I really liked that link. Our lo fell off the bed in his sleep because he rolled and rolled right off. It was terrible. Since my lo has been about two months though, I've been co sleeping and my bf was sleeping in the front room on our futon. At first I felt bad too but we spoke and he assured me that he got more sleep by sleeping in the futon than by sleeping with us so I felt better. He likes to strech out and our queen size is just not big enough for the three of us. Since our son fell though, we switched and now I sleep on the futon with the baby. For a few day my bf slept on the bed but now he sleeps with us because he thinks the futon is more comfy -go figure. I would probably do the side car thing except that getting my bf to start any project is worse than pulling teeth.
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    Co-sleeping "rules" say that baby should never be between Mom and Dad (or Mom and sibling) because (barring no obstacles like medications) mothers have an inbuilt ability to know where baby is in relation to their own body, even during sleep. Dads or siblings do not.

    Here's some safety rules:
    And a new book:

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    Thank you very much everyone for all of your input and help. I will let you know how things go...

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