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Thread: How long before chilling is OK?

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    Default How long before chilling is OK?

    I pumped on the way home from a party yesterday and then forgot to move it to the fridge when we arrived home. It was not chilled in the car, so when I remembered this morning it had been 13-14 hours. I'm thinking typically they say it's OK for 8 hours at room temp, but I thought I had also heard that in other countries they say even longer in a shady spot is fine.

    So, should I go ahead and bag and freeze? Or should I dump? Can I tell by color/separation/smell?

    Ugh, I pump rarely and usually only get 2-3 ounces, but now that he's eating some spoon foods I pumped 9 ounces! Hate to lose it, but needs to be safe.


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    Default Re: How long before chilling is OK?

    I have read up to 10 hours is okay. But if it was a cool spot I'll tell you what I would do: I would smell and taste it, and if it was okay I would use it right away (i.e. don't freeze it). If I already had a lot of ebm and didn't need it, I would probably dump it (tears running down my cheeks as the liquid gold went down the drain).


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