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Thread: Sudden Low Milk Supply! Please Help!

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    How do you know when you have to supplement? Are they irritable and fussy because of hunger???

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    Thank you so much for your response "Give Peas A Chance". Your advice is a huge help!! I have been nursing as often as possible, and my daughter is definately loving being at my breast so much. She is satisfied to suck even when there is little milk coming out. Its been a few days now and I think my supply is slowly rebuilding. I havent had to supplement her with any formula yesterday or today. Yay!

    Thanks again for the help and the links
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    Default Re: Sudden Low Milk Supply! Please Help!

    I decided I had to supplement because my lo was sucking and sucking and getting incredibly frustrated, shed come off crying and then quickly latch again and suck and nothing would be coming out and so on. I knew she wasnt getting enough milk.

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