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Thread: Returning to work - sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallmeGiddy View Post
    Thanks for the kind words! I cried almost the whole way to work but pulled myself together before I walked through the doors. I kept busy for most of the day, pumped twice, and left 5 on the dot. I'll take it one day at a time and look forward to weekends when I have him all to myself.
    One day at a time is how I got through it. It will get easier!
    Loving mama to S - 11/06, and F - 1/09

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    Try to think of it this way: in traditional societies, babies are cared for by aunts, grandmothers, older siblings, etc. It's normal to hand your baby to someone else for several hours. Basically, that's all you're doing - you're giving your LO to another caretaker and then picking up where they left off in the afternoons. In the meantime, you're making some money to help bring up your child. Best of luck - I know it's terribly hard.

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    It is so very, very hard, but you will make it! And...the fact that you miss him so much shows how much you love your lo.

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