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    Well, we finally made it here, 1 full year of exclusive breastfeeding! I have to say it wasn’t so easy at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Those early days are still clear in my mind. She had jaundice and lost a pound in the first week and everyone was so worried (she is 97 percentile for weight now!). Then there were the latch issues and OS and OALD. Then at 4 weeks we realized that she had reflux and all the days and nights of crying and spitting up. At 3 months she refused the bottle, she will drink water from it but no milk, she just pushes it aside. The lc said it was a “personality” issue, i.e. she is stubborn. We started solids at 6.5 mths only to have to stop due to excessive gassiness. She finally started getting 2 meals at 11 mths. Our most recent trouble was a 6 week battle with thrush/yeast.

    But what do I remember most? I remember her sliding off my breast with that sleepy, satisfied look on her face and milk dripping down her chin. I remember how easily she could be calmed and settled by a brief nursing session. I remember (and still hear) those excited yipping noises when she is about to eat and I don’t get the breast out fast enough. Very recently, she pops off to smile at my breast and waves to it when she leaves.

    I knew nothing about breastfeeding when we started, I actually thought that babies just stopped nursing at a year! I know we will be nursing for a long time to come. I have read so many books now and along with all the advice from this site, I really feel like I know so much. All my girlfriends with lo’s call me to ask for help now and it really does feel good.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you for your advice (and for reading this!). I’m sure I will be back with questions now that we have entered the exciting unknown world of nursing a toddler!
    Mom to Abigail, born May 3rd, 2007 (self-weaned at 27 mths) and Charlotte, born Nov. 24th, 2009. Both reflux babies and EBF. Charlotte weighs 31 lbs at 26 mths.

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    Yeah! We also recently made it to the year mark! All the trouble in the beginning was so worth it!

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    Congratulations to you both! And happy birthday to your LO!
    Wife to Jeff
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    Way To Go Mama!!!

    "At the heart of motherhood is the kind of satisfaction unequalled in any other profession on earth."
    -Tina Neidlein

    Isaac- 1/1/01 Nursed only 4 months, had no idea what I was doing.
    Nathan- 4/28/03 preemie, 1 month NICU stay and still managed exclusive nursing for 6 months, better.
    Anna- 4/15/06 Self weaned just after turning 3.
    Baby girl due May 14th

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