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    Exclamation Please help!

    I weaned my daughter about a week ago to only night feedings, then a few days ago we stopped altogether. It wasn't very gradual, but it worked for us. Now I am really full, and have large clogged ducts (at least I think that is what they are) all around both breasts. They are painful when I touch them (or when my arms do, or my lo, or anything does), and are getting more painful. I tried to express some milk in the shower today, but couldn't get anything to come out. Any ideas? I can't nurse, because I started birth control with estrogen in it today.

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    Keep an eye out for fever, or feeling like you have the flu. In the case of a breast infection you need to contact a Dr. and sometimes it will need medical treatment. Here's some more info on plugged ducts and mastitis.
    Keep trying to express some milk in the shower, massage and heat can help get the milk out. Sometimes taking a wide tooth comb and gently stroking the breast from the outside of the breast toward the nipple can get the milk out.
    Cabbage can also help decrease your supply, here's the directions for using them.
    Here's some info on birth control too.
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