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Thread: I've been researching and I have a few questions..

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    Default I've been researching and I have a few questions..

    DD is only 4 months old, but I've been reading about making baby food and introducing it, etc etc. I had hoped to let her self feed, BUT, she is SOOOO interested in food (she'll open her mouth and follow my fork when I eat and she's sitting in my lap) so I'm thinking she'll be eating transition baby mush.

    She LOVES frozen breastmilk on spoon. I do this while we eat sometimes to keep her happy, because she'll litterally throw a fit if she doesn't get some too.

    Anyway, for those of you that make food, I have a few questions. If you freeze individual sized portions in the ice cube trays, what do you transfer them to for long term storage? I like ziplocs but have read that the plastic is not good for long term food storage. What about breastmilk storage bags? What makes a breastmilk storage bag any different then a ziplic, other then of course it comes pre-sterilized.

    Poo, I had another question and can't remember now. I'll be back.

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    Default Re: I've been researching and I have a few questions..

    You could always use tupperware containers, or those ziplock containers. I skipped that all together with my second, and just give him what I have. He wanted what we had too, give her a spoon and a cup or bowl. We did frozen cubes a breastmilk too. DS is now 10 1/2 months and eating solids just recently.

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    Default Re: I've been researching and I have a few questions..

    I made food very briefly, until I realized that DS didn't like it.

    When I did make food, I only made enough for a month at a time, which was a couple trays. I stored it in Ziplock bags and didn't have any trouble. I can't see any difference between a Ziplock and a breastmilk bag anyway.

    I second the idea of giving your baby her own cup and spoon. We did that around your child's age, and it let us have some peace and quiet while eating and gave him practice. Once she's OK with it, you could try letting her self-feed herself mush. Messy, but it does keep them happy and you get to eat before the food gets cold!
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    Default Re: I've been researching and I have a few questions..

    I would think that the ziploc freezer bags would be okay to store them in. Just don't use the regular ziploc bags.

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