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Thread: One month old bites nipple, OUCH, help

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    Default One month old bites nipple, OUCH, help

    I have a 5 week old and she bites my left nipple often. My left nipple is bigger than the right one and I dread when it's the left breast's turn for a feeding. I try to push my baby towards me more to avoid her pulling my nipple at the end of a feeding. Sometimes I put my finger in her mouth to see if her cue is to eat or to suck for fun and she bites on the finger, this is how I know that she is not very hungry but more she wants to suck and play. What can I do to avoid having a sore nipple every day. It is red now and it is not getting better.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Default Re: One month old bites nipple, OUCH, help

    I am waiting to see the replies myself. My daughter is almost 10 weeks and does it. She smiles too, so she is "playing" I suppose. And it is my left as well that she prefers to do this too. Wonder why that is...

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