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Thread: So sad...

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    Awe mamma
    I, too have no advice for you, only support. I work the regular 8-5 ( this is my 5th week). It was so hard at first, but I have no choice, NONE, being a single mamma.
    My LO has had only 2 bottles of formula, so pumping/nursing when home is really working. A real life saver for me was being able to go home at lunch to feed him, I live very close to work- partially for that reason.
    Some days are still very hard, mamma. Its not my first choice, but seeing him at noon breaks up the day, and I just enjoy quality time with him. Not only do you miss him- but those hours must stress you out too! Good luck, and God bless!
    1st time mom to Joshua, born 1/23/08 and I every minute of it!!!
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    Good luck on your decision and just wanted to offer a . I work full time but 3 days from home and 2 days in the office. Could you work from home on this job or maybe a future one? Just an idea.

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