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Thread: Born Free Bottles

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    Default Born Free Bottles

    Suppose I should have made this post before I purchased them but... Does anyone use them if so how do they fair?

    I'm going to be going back to work so I'll need to pack some bottles for the day. I had Dr Browns but this BSA scare had me running out to get new ones.

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    Default Re: Born Free Bottles

    I'm getting ready to buy one, too.
    Two of my friends use them, and their boys love them. The flow is just right, and they have easy-grip handles.
    As far as I understand, they're definitely a good investment.
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    Default Re: Born Free Bottles

    I don't know about the bottles, but DD loves her BF sippy cup. Hope they work for you.
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    Default Re: Born Free Bottles

    We use them and love them. DS does have issues with switching from bottle back to breast, but I don't think it's because of the bottle, if anything it's gotten better since we've started using them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlotte's Mommy View Post
    I don't know about the bottles, but DD loves her BF sippy cup. Hope they work for you.
    I found the BF sippy cups with the drinking spout (for toddlers 9m+) leak like a sive... I hate them... all that money ($15 per sippy plus $9 for the drink spouts x 2) DD turns them upside down and the water comes right out. I think the 6 month sippys are better but watch when you switch to the 9 month ones.

    We use the BPA free nuby sippys.

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    Post Re: Born Free Bottles

    I have the born free bottles. I ran out and bought them the moment I heard about the BPA in bottles. I also bought the 6+ month sippy cups and love them as well. I definitely recommend buying them.

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