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Thread: Output decrease since back to work

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    Default Output decrease since back to work

    I've been Pumping since My milk came in. My Daughter was born with a Tongue tie so we have to over come that obstacle before she could nurse. I pumped all the time when I was home with her until she starting nursing and still had to pump in between because I would have spontaneous let down between feedings. I saw a lactation consultant and she jokingly told me I was prodicing enough milk for 5 babies.
    Now that I'm back to work My output is decreasing. I drink lots of water and eatting well. I 'm lucky to get 3 ounces from both breast combined. I don't always get alot of free time to pump at my job. I've been trying the Fenugreek.
    Because of my lack of pumping supply my daughter is on a half anf half mixture of bm and formula while i'm at work. I would like her to be soley my little boob baby.
    Any advice to get more output Pumping? I used to get 6 ounces out at every pumping.?!
    Could this have anything to do with Mirena??

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    Default Re: Output decrease since back to work

    I exclusively pump for my one year old (we never got a latch). If I do not pump regularly, my supply decreases. I recently went from pumping 6 to 5 times a day. There were a couple days I only pumped 4 times and my supply decreased. I would recommend increasing the number of times you pump. Whenever I increase how often I pump, I see an increase in my supply within 2 days.

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