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Thread: How soon can I express

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    Default How soon can I express

    My daughter is nearly 2 weeks old and I have the most sore cracked nipple. I cringe everytime I know it's feeding time and have been feeding from my other breast only but worried this may harm my milk production. How soon can I express milk using a pump to give my poorly nipple a break?

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    Default Re: How soon can I express

    I dont have an answer for the expressing, but for the cracked nipples after you are done feeding express just a bit of milk and rub it into your nipples, that will give you some relief and help repair them.
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    An LLLI consultant in my area (Manila, Philippines) advises not to pump for the first six weeks because "it takes 6 weeks for a mom's body to fully master demand of baby. Pumping before that time will cause false demand and may lead to over or under supply."

    I, however, have pumped since day one pp because my LO had to stay at the hospital for observation (meconium staining) for one week. I pumped and brought my ebm at the hospital everyday. I continued to pump after we brought my LO home because I'm trying to stock up on ebm, for when I go back to work. I only pump when my breasts are engorged and my LO is either asleep or not hungry yet.

    I'm not sure if what I'm doing right now will affect my supply, but I guess a few pumping sessions once in a while during the first six weeks won't hurt.

    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong so I can find other ways to build up my stash without compromising my milk supply.
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    I just have a word of encouragement. I was thinking the exact same thing when my LO was 2 weeks old. I talked to a few moms and they all said 'it shouldn't hurt' but it hurt like HELL. Your nipples have to get use to it. And shortly after the 2 week period it seamed to get ALOT better. Hang in there mama... I know you can do it!
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    totally agree with PP it did hurt, for the first month or so, just hang in there and your nips get used to it! I promise!

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    Default Re: How soon can I express

    If your nipples are cracked, something is not quite right. Please call your nearest LLL Leader and/or an IBCLC for specific support. The sooner the better! If you need help locating someone near you, please let us know.

    As for pumping, you certainly can. Hand expression might be more comfortable if your nipples are very sore. Here's a video that shows how:

    And here is some helpful info re: sore nipples:

    Keep us updated.

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