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Thread: will he ever LIKE nursing?

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    Default will he ever LIKE nursing?

    OK. So ds is six months old today. Since month 2 he has slowly been nursing less and less during the day. He will drink until my milk lets down and that is about it. Then he will procede to twist and pull at my nipple HARD. If he had teeth, I would have no nipple. Then he will go at least of 2 hours befor he would take another drink. I do not have overactive letdown. I have pulled him off to see. I thought maybe he was just being really efficient, but then he nursed for such long periods at night. (with no twisting or pulling) So, I fugured he was catching up at night. His diapers were always OK. But it got to the point where every 10 to 14 days I have to pump to get my milk supply up.

    So, he has begun nursing poorly at night, and his diapers were getting dry, and not as much poo. Up to this point he had only had a couple of bottles, and they were testers to see if he would take them. So, I started pumping durring the day and giving him some expressedd BM. I was hoping he would get tanked up at during the day and sleep better at night. The result was more wet diapers, but no improvement on the night waking. I have tried laying down to nurse in the day.

    He will peacefully drink a bottle of EBM. Even a few ounces. He will peacefully eat at night (sometimes). But while he is awake he twists and pulls. I can tell it is not a pleasent experience for him. He does not like to nurse!

    Now, he does have reflux. His docter said I could wait for him to outgrow it, try some zantac medication, or give him some cereal to keep everything down. Waiting and doing nothing was not helping at all. I really do not like the idea of medicating him, but I have started him on the zantac. I really see no improvement yet. It has been 5 days. In fact he seems extra fussy. And cereal just comes right up along with his milk.

    Is his reflux causing him to dislike nursing? And if so, why does he do so much better at night...Isn't laying down supposed to be bad for reflux?

    He now also has a cold, just to spice things up a bit!!

    Will I forever have to pump and feed him a bottle so he will be nurished? Why doesn't he like nursing?
    Can anyone help!?
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    I feel your pain! Your LO sounds so much like my DD2. She will be 6 months on 5/13 and she does/has done the exact things you described. I've not been able to figure it out. She sucks A LOT at night, although even that has started to dwindle, but she doesn't nurse the whole time. Just a lot of sucking & she isn't calmed by nursing like many babies are. Neither of my girls really "liked" it from what I can tell. It kind of makes me sad, but we have other bonding moments so I cherish those.
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    Default Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    It's probably just distractability and it started to get a little bit better for us around 9-10 months. (Thus the longer nursing at night when they are mostly asleep.) As long as he doesn't start dropping weight, I would trust him to get enough and stop pumping. If you hang in there past a year, you will really start to notice changes in nursing patterns. DS would not nurse outside of the house starting at about 9 months, then about a year later, he became okay with it again. He usually would only nurse for 5 minutes or less, until at some point after a year when it started to be a connecting time with mom and it was more like 10-15 or more minutes. Hang in there and don't take it personally. He'll get what he needs.
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    Default Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    You might try another medication. Reflux really stinks for babies, and it hurts to drink, even if they don't vomit there's pain in the esophagus from acid being there. Try nursing sitting him up higher, so it's not resting back there. The medication might not work...my DS was one of the small percentage of children who responded poorly to Zantac. He was a MESS and it made him an insomniac. After we stopped it, he improved in a day, and the doctor tried other meds.

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    Default Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    Wow reading your story it reminds me SO much of what I have gone through with my own nursling. Okay few things- the zantac takes 2 weeks of daily dosing to see the full effect. It has to build up in their system. Try not to miss any doses. If you're not seeing improvement there are other meds.

    Six months is rough because they are getting more active and they want to check out the world. Nursing slows them down! Also, it sounds as if your LO is teething. Try gum massages and offering a wet washcloth to chew on. Momsicles are also fun- frozen BM in a mesh feeder goes a long way.

    I hate to tell you this but once they are actively teething the good nights are out the window. We use motrin on occasion if the teething is really keeping us up at night.

    Reflux might be causing him some discomfort during nursing, but probably not. Reflux babies often nurse more! Often they are the ones that nurse many times but in smaller amounts each time.

    Let's see.... oh yes my personal nursing relationship has had its ups and downs. Sometimes your LO just isn't 'into' nursing because they're busy with milestones, teething, or general grumpiness. All of those times pass and you will get back to more pleasurable nursing times. Just stick to it and don't offer too many bottles!!

    Good luck and hang in there.

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    Default Re: will he ever LIKE nursing?

    Quote Originally Posted by I-Man's Momma View Post
    It's probably just distractability and it started to get a little bit better for us around 9-10 months.
    Have you tried nursing him the same way during the day that you do at night (I'm assuming in the bedroom where it's dark and quiet in a sidelying position) For months we had to go hide somewhere dark and quiet to nurse during the day, but things gradually started getting better and now she's a joy to BF and she seems to really enjoy it too! I'm so glad I stuck with it, because it was so frustrating that it was not the relaxing enjoyable experience I had hoped for, but somewhere before the 1 year mark our relationship finally took that turn, and now it is such a pleasure to see her big blue eyes looking up at me. If I'd weaned around a year like everyone seems to think you should, I would have missed out on the most incredible time of our nursing relationship!

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