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Thread: Pump weaning when you have a LOT of supply

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    Question Pump weaning when you have a LOT of supply

    My LO is about to be 11 months and my goal was to pump wean by a year. I was pumping 2x a day at work up until a couple of weeks ago when I successfully cut that to once a day, basically by going from pumping at ~10 and ~3 to pumping around noon. However, I'm feeling stuck at that and have no idea how to go from once to none. I've read all the stickies, Kellymom, etc. on pump weaning but I'm looking for more ideas.

    Part of the issue is that I still have a LOT of supply - in my one pumping session I can still get about 10-11 oz of milk usually. My LO is basically night weaned, so during the week he BF once in the morning and once before going to bed. The issue is that when he wakes up in the AM he usually only eats from one side so by the time I go to pump around noon the other side hasn't been relieved since 7:30 the night before and is totally engorged. (And that's the best case scenario when he actually empties both breasts before going to sleep - he doesn't always). I can't figure out how I'm ever going to drop this mid-day session without a lot of pain and possibly an infection. Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

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    You could try reducing the session by time (a minute or two every few days). If you get engorged or uncomfortable, go back up a minute and stay there for a couple of days before moving back down again. Expect it to be a process more than just something you do one day.


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    Default Re: Pump weaning when you have a LOT of supply

    If you want to decrease your supply, peppermint tea does it for me. Peppermint gum... when I pumped shorting the pumping session a few minutes as PP said, would after a few days decrease supply. Cabbage works well when you are loaded with milk. I recently went from nursing LO 6-8 times night to nursing before bed and in the morning - I was engorged for about 2 days and then seemed to be low in supply for 2 days before everything got normalized. I wouldn't worry much about it. It will just happen. Luckily, our breasts are smarter than we are.

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    I had a similar problem- way too much milk. I had almost decided that i would have to become a professional wet nurse b/c i would never be able to quit.
    I think the fact that you've already dropped one pumping is a good sign. Here's what worked for me. I was pumping exclusively 5 times a day (~42oz/day). When i dropped a pump, like my LC advised, i just pumped that much more the next time and i would develop painful lumps. So, while I was washing the pump less, it didn't reduce my supply. I tried cabbage leaves, peppermint, decongestants, etc. Nothing seemed to work. To make matters worse i was proned to mastistis so i couldn't stay engorged more than a few hours or i would develop a painful lump. I'm have been reducing for 6 weeks now and i only pump twice and only 7oz total. It has been a long gruling process, but it works. At the peak, i pumped 20-25mins to empty. So I said, first i'll stop at 20 mins, then once i adjust (meaning i no longer leak after 20 mins) i'll reduce again. Well, they say it should only take 3 days to adjust, not for me. Sometimes it would take more than a week! So I went 20mins for a week then 18 -> 15 -> 12 -> 10 -> 8 (then i dropped a pump) -> 6 (dropped another pump) -> pump til my breast were soft (sometimes 5 mins sometimes 2 mins). I should also mention that my left side produces almost twice my right side, so now I only pump my left side twice a day.

    i hope this helps. I think the key is diligents and patiences. Good luck.

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