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Thread: We're all done, but I have some questions...

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    Question We're all done, but I have some questions...

    Well, I did it. I made it to my nursing goal and then some.
    I was shooting for a year, and I made it a year and 4 months. I'm very proud that I was able to give my DS the best start possible. I can't beleive how fast they grow up, I never thought it would be over so soon. It's kind of bittersweet...

    I have two questions though. Number one, WHEN will my friggin boobs go back down to a normal size? It's been almost 2 weeks since he's nursed at all, and they are still very sore and large. How long does it usually take to get back to normal? I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to buy a shirt 2 sizes too big to accomodate 'the girls'.

    Number two: The entire time I breastfed, he NEVER took a pacifier. The other day he found one. Now he walks around with it, not really sucking on it, mostly chewing, but he seems facinated with it. He's 16 months, is that too old to have a pacifier? Should I take it away or let him have it? Does this mean that we weaned too early and he's not fulfilled his sucking needs?

    Sorry if this sounds silly; I've just never gotten to this point before. My first DS was put on formula at 3 months due to medical reasons, and he was done with bottles/pacifiers just a little bit past one year. So this is all brand new territory for me.

    Thanks for the help,


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    Default Re: We're all done, but I have some questions...

    I don't remember how long it takes "the girls" to shrink down, but I don't remember it being more than a month or so.

    A paci can be a hard habit to break. On the other hand, he may be needing some kind of oral stimulation. Many kids have sensory issues (when it's really severe, it's call sensory integration dysfunction, and is much more common in boys than girls). Kids with sensory issues often learn to cope on their own by grade school. My middle child has oral sensory issues. (My oldest has auditory issues.) He used a paci, and after I took that away from him, he'd chew on whatever he could get a hold of - the top of his shirt, his sleeve, his fingers, COINS! (And we're talking a three year old at this time!) So, I bought him a Chewy Tube. (http://www.chewytubes.com/) My son's 4.5 now, and still has oral issues, though they're not a big deal because he's learning to cope. Sometimes he sleeps with his Chewy, but not often anymore. There's a kid in my son's Kindergarten who gets to chew gum during class, because of his oral issues.

    So, what I'm saying is, not that I think your child has any type of dysfunction or anything, but that he may be using the paci to satisfy an oral need he has. If you're concerned about him becoming a "paci junky", you could get him a chewy tube to walk around with, instead. Either way, it's better than chewing on coins or buttons or ruining shirts!! Perhaps BF was fulfilling an oral need he has, or perhaps this is just a new thing! Or perhaps it's just the novelty of walking around with something silly in his mouth!!

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    Default Re: We're all done, but I have some questions...

    I was looking this up just the other day... I can't remember where I found it, but I read that until age 2, pacis don't hurt proper jaw/palate development, but that they should be taken away by that point. My pedi suggested weaning between 12-18 months.

    I would say you wouldn't want to "hook" him now and that maybe some other sort of toy to chew on would be better. Just my uneducated opinion, though.

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    Talking Re: We're all done, but I have some questions...

    Thanks for the responses, ladies.

    Kristen, I'm actually very familiar with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. My older son has it. He has both oral sensory and auditory sensory problems. He also exhibits the same responses/behaviors when he sees or touches something odd, or squiggly, or flowers/trees/leaves, basically anything that has 'branches' or 'tentacles'. LOL So I know exactly what you're talking about and I totally understand how that goes.

    About the paci thing, Gavin only did it for a couple of days and then seemed to lose interest in it. I guess it was just something silly to play with/chew on. We were on vacation this week and other than mouthing the shopping cart handle (which thankfully was covered with one of those fabric seat thingys) he didn't seem to need any oral stimulation at all. I guess it was just a fluke thing. I almost cried though, because he climbed up in my lap and leaned against me and didn't even notice they were there by his face. I know he's growing up and doesn't need or want that anymore, but sometimes I still miss it.

    As far as the 'girls' go, this makes close to a month now without nursing, and they are still as big as ever. And OMG, they HURT. We weaned pretty slowly, cutting back the feedings one at a time for a while, then finally after being down to one for several weeks, we stopped altogether. I didn't know it would be this painful though, OUCH. I can't squirt anything out of them anymore, so they seem to be 'drying up'. LOL

    I guess that for now I'm just going to have to grin and bear it and wear the "I'm sorry, we don't carry that size, you'll have to special order it" bras and hope for the best.
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