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Thread: Gassy Breastmilk?

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    My LO is 4 months and everything was going pretty well until I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago and started eating a lot more veggies. I know cruciferous veggies can give baby gas, but I thought that meant after they drank the breast milk they would have gas later on, not after 3-4 minutes nursing and still latched on! I don't know if that is what causing our problem or not, but it's the only major change I can think of. Everytime she nurses after about 3-4 minutes she starts squirming and wiggling and moaning. I take her off and about 75% of the time she'll have a really loud burp. I try to latch her on again to nurse more, but she's no longer interested. Then we try the other side and the same thing happens. Am worried she's not getting enough. If it's not the new diet/veggies what else could it be? Do gas causing foods make the breastmilk instantly gassy (almost like drinking a carbonated beverage?) She's also started nursing every three hours during the day instead of two, but about 4 p.m. on wants to nurse every 1 1/2 hours until 5 a.m. the next morning! She went from sleeping 6-7 hours in a block at night to only 4-5!! Really want to keep nursing and stay on weight watchers, but am getting really frustrated....PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Have you tried any simethicone drops? I was advised to start these around 2 months, as my LO is very gassy all the time. Mylecon is a brand name, but we've tried the store-brand and they are the same, they're anti-gas drops, and you give 0.3 ml during each feeding. We saw a marked difference after a day, and still use them with BF and solids.

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    Could it be that you have a forceful or overactive letdown or oversupply or both? I know that when I started having the forceful letdown with oversupply my LO would have to pull off after a couple of minutes and get really squirmy. Your milk supply usually is at its fullest in the morning so that could be why your LO is wanting to nurse more frequently in the evening. I know that my first few feedings in the morning were always a struggle until I started blockfeeding and manually expressing my milk before latching him on. Just a thought.. HTH

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