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Thread: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

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    Default Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    Well, I am going to try a new method to try to get OS under control.
    American Breastfeeding Journal actually recommends pumping dry then, doing block feeding.
    I have not been pumping, but doing the block feeds. Generally, since LO is sleeping at night, I have been doing blocks of six hours. I woke this morning fully engorged again, nursing pads soaked. I have still been doing the ice, even in the middle of the night, and am trying this Jasmine tea, which has not helped. I went through two heads of cabbage.

    I got an email from my LLL local contact, I didn't realize that today actually makes the 9th day of trying to reduce my supply.

    So, I pumped dry this morning, I am still making about 11 ounces at night, which is about the same as what I was getting before trying to reduce. Granted I have not been pumping, but the supply is really not going down much.

    Anyone tried the pump dry then block feed method? I am not sure how I will do this, as one breast is going to be getting too full, just as it has been?

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    When then, will you do with the pumped milk?? From all I've read I can't imagine how that would help - but you learn something new every day
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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    yeah I don't know if you remove the 11 oz, your breast is just going to make 11 oz more to replace it....
    Heres the thing thought if removing it keeps you from getting a clog I would do it!
    Maybe each day you could reduce the milk you are pumping.
    like say on the 1st day you get 11
    then the next day only pump 10
    and then one once less a day...
    of course your going to have days where you don't make so much milk...
    I'm sure you can get things more comfortalbe for you.
    I know if I was doing 6 hour blocks my boobs would have hurt.
    Maybe try 4 hour blocks and see if that help?

    how often is baby nursing again?
    Sometimes just feeding them more often will help.
    and its normal for some to nurse up to 12 times in 24 hours.

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    He has been nursing usually 7-9 times a day.
    I think today it has been about five or six? Had issues with him at the last feed going to sleep. Put him back on, goes to sleep seems fine, hungry twenty minutes later.... He just is acting weird today.
    God only knows. I let him eat whenever he wants!

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    Pumping dry seems like it is going to send the wrong msg.

    Can you send us a link to the article you read that in?

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?


    I am not sure if that created a link, but I guess you can type it in if it doesnt work?

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    Though I've read the article a couple times, I don't seem to be digesting it properly. I had extreme oversupply at first, and still have mild oversupply now, at 7 months. I had oversupply with my first, and this is the first time I've read that severe oversupply can lead to inefficient (passive) sucking by the infant, thus resulting in undersupply later, which seemed to happen to some degree with my first (and I wondered how the heck it could happen). I haven't really shared here, because I took extreme measures to reduce my supply but I am on 12 hour blocks. I still pump between 7 and 10 oz of milk every morning, that I give to my toddler to drink, from the breast I don't feed on at night. I used both cold compresses and cabbage to no avail, and finally got tired of the smell of the cabbage and gave up.

    ETA: I am still nursing my dd as well.

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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    I read the article recently myself. While I would not recommend this to all mothers dealing with oversupply, it may help some. The key is that you only pump to drain both breasts on day #1. This gives you empty breasts for baby to nurse on, and it would be particularly helpful when baby is having a very hard time nursing. It may also be beneficial for a mother with persistantly plugged ducts who absolutely needs to get her breasts good and empty. It is not going to decrease oversupply any faster than simple block feeding.

    Remember that block feeding can take several weeks to work, so nine days really isn't that long of a time in the world of block feeding. As moose mentioned, you can increase the blocks of time up to 12 hours per side if you still aren't noticing any improvement.

    You mentioned jasmine tea. Some mothers find that peppermint (be it tea or in various other forms) can be a help in reducing oversupply. Here's a link to some more information on herbs used for decreasing milk production: http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milks...versupply.html

    Some mothers find that eliminating or greatly reducing the amount of dairy they eat can help.

    HTH. Keep us posted!


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    Default Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    moose thanks for sharing that your still nursing maybe that would help the op......

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    Thumbs down Re: Pump Dry, then Block Feed?

    I could just scream!
    So yesterday I pumped dry, did block feeds of 7 hours. Typically what is happening during these feeds, is I am LO drain the breast before switching. I was pretty comfy yesterday.

    So today I didn't pump. Leaked all over the bed. I had to pump 1 oz for LO to latch on. IT was like pure water. Someone had suggested smaller blocks, I might be more comfy. So, since my left breast was about to explode, I went ahead pumped one ounce and let baby nurse.(4hr) So since little one is sleeping through the night, it had been, lets say 13 hours since he had nursed on the left side when he finally did (at 10am). When he nursed first thing on the right side this morning (5:45), it had been about the same. If I don't pump in the morning, there is no way I can go longer than 6-7 hours without having to do something. Plus, my breasts make different amounts. Usually after 6-7 hours left is well drained. Should I go ahead and put baby back on that side during the day even if it feels empty and the other is full?

    While nursing just now, he made this explosive bowel movement. It was yellow, but like pure water. He didn't seem happy at all. This is not getting better. I even am doing the sage thing. Took the full dose yesterday, started back in today. (Of course this is another one of those methods recommended only if you are weaning.. and again seems to barely have an effect.)

    I weighed Zach today, and according to the scale he has only gained an ounce in 8 days. Now, granted he is pooping more than he used to, but that is not a good sign when he was gaining 6-7oz a week before. I have to take him to the doc Wed. so I will get an official weight check then.

    I know this can take weeks to resolve, but I am not up for that. My body is reacting to this stress. I think I will call OB on Monday and have a chat with the NP. She is pro breastfeeding, maybe she can help me somehow.

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