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Thread: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

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    Question fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    The bottle of fg I received says WARNING: NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY NURSING WOMEN. But my friend recommended it to help milk supply. Why the warning then? Is there a health hazard with fg and nursing moms?

    2nd question:
    My LO is 8 weeks old. I've been feeding LO every 2-3 hours (except when she sleeps through the night). During the day, she can nap a long time if I don't wake her up. How long is too long before the next feeding? At this age, I'm supposed to feed her every 2-3 hours, right? I'm afraid to interrupt her sleep cuz who wants a cranky baby.

    I'm also a little paranoid about her health b/c when we started bfg her, we weren't feeding her enough and she wasn't passing BMs or gaining enough weight. So I want to make sure she eats enough throughout the day so we get those BMs and weight gain.
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    Default Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    I don't know anything about risks for fenugreek... but there is a warning on my prenatal vitamins to consult a dr if you are pregnant or breastfeeding! (DUH!) I think they just put those warnings there to cover their butts! I wouldn't worry too much, fenugreek is widely recommended for nursing mothers!
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    Default Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    what about taking fenugreek when you're pregant? does anyone know if it's safe?

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    Thumbs down Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    It is definitely not recommended to take Fenugreek while pregnant. It causes contractions and can lead to early labor. But of course that could be a plus if you are 38 weeks.

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    Default Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    I'm not a doctor- so talk to yours.
    But I've taken FG for months, and it was recommended to me by not only frients, but a lactation nurse- who time and again has been a life-saver. LO is great
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    On the napping question, I usually go with not waking a sleeping baby. How long is she napping without eating? I think the important thing, is that the feedings average 2-3 hrs apart, some may be more, some less. THe important thing is keeping an eye on the wet/dirty diapers, to make sure they get enough. Now, if she's sleeping all day and up all night, then you might want to wake her more during the day.

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