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Thread: My 3 1/2 yr old nursed again!

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    Smile My 3 1/2 yr old nursed again!

    Try to be brief-

    Was tandeming my 3 & 2 yr olds during pregnancy of third baby & DS1 stopped nursing in early Jan saying he would again after baby came & milk was back in. DS2 came at end of Feb but DS1 was embarrased (sp?) b/c he forgot how to nurse. Anyway, he asked again yesterday & did actually & got milk as I was nursing his brother & had a let down & he was so excited! He has nursed several times since then, only short & only got tiny bit of milk each time but he enjoys having mommy milk again! Maybe our tandem nursing will turn into TRIANDEM NURSING?! Which could teach proper latch b/c don't want sore nipples & he can't get much milk yet. But it's a start!
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    that is amazing and wonderful.

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    Thats terrific!

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    So sweet. It took dd some time after ds was born to relearn her latch, and even now its not terrific and I frequently feel teeth, but I remind her tongue out and that helps. She has been nursing a lot lately as her teeth are coming in and I love having mama-milk to comfort!!!

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