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Thread: Naps and feeding

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    1st question: Does any one know how much sleep 4.5 mo olds are supposed to get?? My lo only wants to nap for a max of 30-45 minutes and sometimes she even catnaps for only 15-20. This is a drastic change in the last month when she used to nap for 1-2 hours. It seems to me that she would need to nap longer than she is right now, even though she seems to be in a good mood most of the time even after a short nap. Any thoughts? I tried today to make sure i fed her before putting her down for a nap thinking that she was waking up prematurely b/c of a hungry belly...but she still woke up after 20 minutes.

    Should i be concerned?

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    No you shouldn't be concerned. Just watch her cues. Around this time my lo started the 30 min nap thing too. She went from taking 2 1-2 hour naps to 3 30 min naps... it lasted a few months and now she takes one 1.5 hour nap and one 30 min nap. Your lo may sleep longer at night or take more catnaps.

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    Hi, My lo went thru that short nap period around 4-6 months. I think it was teething, growth spurts & milestones like crawling & sitting up etc.. When she did wake after 20 minutes I would try to feed her again and just lay with her and sometimes she would go back to sleep. Other times she was just wide awake and ready to go. I also kept a fan going in her room for white out noise. At that 4-6 month stage they are really going thru alot and becoming much more aware and I know that affects their sleeping/eating. I noticed my lo would nap really bad one week and the next she would nap really good like making up for the bad week. Hope it gets better!
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    I am so sorry that she has started this, that same exact napping problem frustrated me for months. I came to realize that she wasn't really done with the nap, its just that they don't know how to make it past the first sleep cycle. The first cycle lasts form 30-45 min and then they stir, if they know how to resettle, they sleep longer. From age 3mths-6.5 mths, I went in just about every time and rocked her back to sleep and then sat there with her. She would usually sleep 1-1.5 hrs more. It wasn't every nap but probably 80 % of teh time. What I did at 6.5 mths was to put her down very drowsy but slightly awake. The most she fussed was 3-4 min for teh first couple days and we don't do CIO so I felt ok with that. From then on, she napped better though she still does do some 30 min naps. I think now at 1 year its more because she just isn't that tired and 30 min does the trick. I don't think it would work with a baby as young as yours but from what I have read you could try by 5-6 mths. PM me if I can help anymore, I remember those hard months so clearly. Just know that it will get easier.
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    I asked my pedi about short/lack of naps at our 4 mo old visit this week. She said that every baby is different and not to worry. My own opinion? I think my baby needs more sleep! I write down the times that she sleeps to make sure she's getting enough sleep every 24 hours instead of stressing about the naps so much. She doesn't usually get as much as is recommended. I've also learned that when she's overtired/been up too long she wakes up at 30 mins every time. I do agree with PP that babies don't really know how to get themselves back to sleep after that first sleep cycle and if you can catch it in time you may be able to get LO to sleep a longer nap.

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