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Thread: Vitamins with iron??

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    Default Vitamins with iron??

    Am I a bad Mom?? I don't give the vitamins, even the vit D ones very often. We are outside most days so she gets sun. Do you all give the multi vitamins with iron?

    I am worried she will get constipated, she already has a little trouble with that but as long as I keep up with teh prunes, she does ok.
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    Default Re: Vitamins with iron??

    I don't give mine vitamins now that the weather is decent enough for her to get sunlight, nor did either of my sisters who breastfed theirs. I take a vitamin and calcium supplement myself and that's it.

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    Default Re: Vitamins with iron??

    my lo doesnt take any vitamins!!!! But I take prenatals!! I was under the assumption that this was good enough!!! Esp now that they go outside and see the light of day!!

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    Default Re: Vitamins with iron??

    I was wondering this same thing. My doctor just prescribed me vitamins for my ds. I take prenatals still and calcium supplements. I also eat a well balanced "colorful" diet. I am totally confused on this issue.

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    Default Re: Vitamins with iron??

    My LC and LLL leader said vitamins are not necessary for LO's. If you were outside a normal amount during your pregnancy, your baby got some vitamin D stores from you. Also, if you are able to take your baby out into the sun, that is great, because vitamin D is meant to be absorbed through the skin and not the gut. Also, the iron in BM is more bioavailable than iron in supplements, meaning it is more easily absorbed. The iron in supplements will antagonize the iron in BM and it will not be as absorbed. Once your LO starts with solids, you can introduce foods that are high in iron. I have never given vitamins with iron. I have on occasion given the A,C, and D vitamins. I give them around vaccinations to help boost DD's immune system, and I gave them occasionally in the dead of winter when I felt like we hadn't seen the sun for a while. It probably wasn't necessary, but it made me feel better, and I doubt it hurt much.
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