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Thread: What finger foods to send to DCP?

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    Default What finger foods to send to DCP?

    My DD is 9mos and has been eating 3 meals of purees each day for a couple months. DCP feeds the kids breakfast and lunch so we've been sending her a supply of fruit/veggies purees. Now, DD is really getting into finger foods. What types of things do you send to DCP for your LO? The sitter watches 4 other children (all over the age of 2) and she provides the breakfasts and lunches for these kids (moms and dads don't have to pack meals for them...nice huh!). I want to make it as easy for her as possible since she's busy preparing other meals and feeding DD finger foods is kind of labor intensive still since half of it doesn't make it to her mouth!
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    Default Re: What finger foods to send to DCP?

    I had a lot of luck with cheerios (you can buy regular or multigrain), veggie booty (melts in your mouth, found in the natural foods aisles) and some of the toddler "mini fruits" (also melt in your mouth, found in the regular baby food aisle). They also make other "toddler" puffs that you can find in the baby food aisle (sweet potato, corn, etc). I'm not a fan of those nutritionally (they have nothing to offer), but if you're nursing, then solids at this age aren't necessarily for nutrition anyway. One of the other things I bought were called "just veggies"...things like "just peas" or "just raspberries". They are dried fruits and veggies found usually in the produce section of the grocery store. They have lots of choices. THe peas, corn and raspberries are of the "melt in your mouth" variety, however the bananas and some of the other things need to be chewed so be careful with those. I found them at both Whole Foods and Jewel.

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    Default Re: What finger foods to send to DCP?

    We chose organic brown rice cereal from Whole Foods. It is similar to rice crispies, but more of a puffed texture. She is really good at getting them now, so we have moved on to an organic brand of "cheerios". Also, I send soft fruits to DC also, like very ripe banana and recently kiwi.

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