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Thread: All Kinds of Issues!

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    Unhappy All Kinds of Issues!

    Hi everyone, it's me again! Finally got my LO to sleep for a bit, so I'm taking the time to make a quick post before I lose the chance!

    My baby is three and half weeks old and we seem to be dealing with what feels like a few different issues, now (dunno if we are...could be just one ). She is fussy almost 24/7, now. Basically, the only time she isn't fussy is when she's asleep--and that's getting harder to get her to do! She wants to nurse all the time! But half the time she pulls off the breast every five minutes, fusses, chews on her hand like she's hungry (even after she's nursed a long time with big swallows and gulps) goes back on the breast, fusses while on the breast...repeat several times. Other times, she cries while on the breast and tries to pull at my nipple like she's frustrated because there isn't enough milk or it isn't flowing fast enough.

    Plus, she spits up a lot. Like, all the time. And since she fusses almost 24/7 now, I can't tell if she's fussing because of the spitting up or not. I'm beginning to wonder if she has a digestive problem of some sort and I wonder if I should call the pediatrician about it. My LO has an appointment in a few days, though, and I didn't know if I should wait for that to ask the Pediatrician or go ahead and call about all of this. My LO isn't running a fever or showing signs of illness. Her spit up is normal--no green or blood in it.

    Also, I'm wondering what constitutes "mucousy" poop. Her bowel movements are regular. She gets enough to eat, from her diaper count. But her bowel movements, while yellow and curdy, have little string-like, almost mucousy bits in them--almost like thin little strings of snot (sorry, but that's the only way I can describe it). I wondered if that was normal, or if something is wrong. I don't always notice it in her poop, just sometimes.

    I know this is a lot of information, but anyone care to hazard a few guesses as to what in the heck is going on? I'm getting almost no sleep (as compared to getting a little when she would sleep) because the baby has a hard time going to sleep anymore. She's always fussing, and half the time she'll start to fall asleep, then wake up, fuss, and we go through the whole nursing/fussing cycle again.

    What gives?

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    Ugh...sounds like you are having a rough time. At least part of it is probably due to a growth spurt. It can be tough as a new mom when you don't have may options in your tool box yet, but as they get older and you have more time with them, you will start to discover some things that work for fussiness. Here are some links you may find helpful.




    Hang in there! This new baby phase doesn't last forever! (Thank goodness for all of us.)
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    Hugs to you! I remember the mucousy poop, but not what causes it. Put it on your list to talk to the dr about.
    She could be a bit colicky(when babies cry 24/7 except when sleeping). Motion seems to help these babies. Do you have a swing? Or a sling? Swing would be great for the motion. A sling would be great for you because you could put her in it and the motion of you moving around will sooth her. Plus she will be curled up and surrounded like she was in the womb. My dd would fall asleep pretty quick after I put her in the sling.
    My dd used to spit up alot too! I was concerned but the dr didn't have me worrying. The spit up seems a lot to us, but it's not as much as we think. She said to pour a tablespoon of regular milk on the counter. If the baby spits up more than that at a time then to get her checked out. Dont quote me on that, but ask your dr.

    I don't think you need to make an appt but make sure you have a written list to talk to your ped abotu all these issues. This way you won't forget anything.

    Good luck!
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    I just wanted to send your way!! My lo is about the same age and we are having some issues as well. I know how painful, frustrating, and heart breaking it can be. You just want so badly to enjoy this time with your new one, and these issues make it difficult.

    It looks like you have been given lots of good advice and I echo what they say. My first lo used to pull and tug while nursing and spit up A LOT! I was told not to worry about the spit up as long as the diaper situation and growth were still good. As far as pulling off (tugging, etc) while nursing, I used to hold my lo tightly against me, trying to minimize it and at the same time quietly sing / talk to her in an attempt to calm her down and focus on nursing. Sometimes it worked.

    I am sending you happy thoughts and lots of praise for hanging in there! Try and find some way to get some sleep - as hard as that is, I know it always makes me feel better. (I will try and take that advice too as I work through my issues!)

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    3 weeks is prime time for a growth spurt where they want to nurse non-stop.


    check out that link and see if you find any info that helps...

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    May possibly be too that when you have a let down it is strong and forceful and that may be upsetting her. Could be why she keeps popping off and on, she is waiting for it to slow down a little. Other than that I would say a possible growth spurt. Good luck momma!

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    oh boy does this bring back the memories. my lo is now 8 weeks old. . . .

    around this stage my lo did the same thing consistent chewing of his hands rooting around looking for the breast i swear i felt like i was his living passii so i started timing my feedings and listening to his non verbal ques.

    i noticed that he would start to pull off and get fussy during those big gulps which lead me to think my let down was too forceful. your baby will grow and get adjusted soon just give him another week or two.

    I would listen for the big gulps then i would let my little one continue to eat at the breast 30-40 mins i would then offer a passi

    i have found at this point there sucking for comfort perhaps after 30 mins of sucking u notice that he is not sucking as strong ( sometimes i notice one suck then three little ones in a row (passi style) and when you go to take him off he starts really sucking again. . . well at least i did. so i then would just hold him like i was feeding and give the passi this worked for me.

    i was pulling out my hair at points cause i too thought perhaps im not producing enough for him.

    OMG spit up was awful but when i called the dr they suggested that i set him upright 30 mins after eating; car seat, swing, or bouncer (this did not always work either)
    breast milk is a lot lighter then formula so it has a better chance of coming back up. So perhaps your little one has a small case of reflux which can account for the fussiness. just like in adults acid reflux leaves a burn in your throat. . that can be uncomfortable

    so my dr told me babies eat a LOT more to cool the burn. . .
    i noticed my LO had sour breath all the time. but now at 8 weeks that is a thing of the past

    Hang in there thing will get better

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