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Thread: 7 mo. old is anti-sippy cup...help!

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    Exclamation 7 mo. old is anti-sippy cup...help!

    HELP!!! (sorry, this is long...)

    I am going back to work full-time August 28th and I don't know if I've really messed up...I've never given my daughter a bottle and she's now 7 months old. We are trying to avoid introducing a bottle now only to wean to a sippy cup very soon, so we are trying to indroduce a sippy cup for when I go back to work. The problem is, she won't take it! There are the occasional moments when we think "for sure this is it" because she likes to chew on the spout, but then she only takes 3 or 4 sips and turns her head away like we're trying to poison her or something. She lets the milk run out of her mouth and I don't even think she's actually swallowing anything more than one or two drops per sip. She does take a pacifier (loves them, in fact), so I know it's not just that it's not a breast in her mouth.

    We've tried the Avent Magic Cups, a First Years cup, and Nuby cups. She likes the Nuby the best, but we still aren't having much luck.

    People that have tried...myself, my husband, and my mom. I've held her, been in the room, out of the room and out of the house, but everyone seems to get the same reaction.

    We've tried right out of the fridge, room temp and warmed, but no luck with anything. I've even tried drinking out of the cups after she rejects them to see if it really does taste gross, but aside from not being a big fan of breastmilk myself , I don't think there's anything wrong with the milk (i.e. spoiled) and there isn't a plastic taste either.

    We've tried water in the cup to see if she just doesn't like getting breastmilk except from me, but she makes the same "poison" face and pushes the water out of her mouth.

    My local LLL group suggested using different cups (particularly the Nuby) and also that maybe she could focus on solids at daycare and I wouldn't even have to worry about her taking a bottle or cup. She isn't all that interested in solids, though, so I feel like she'd be super hungry at the end of the day if she isn't able (willing?) to take a cup. Someone also suggested teaching her how to use a straw, but I'm not sure if she'd be ready for that at 7 months or how safe it is--I certainly wouldn't give her a straw just to play with, so is it safe to use one for breastmilk delivery?

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: 7 mo. old is anti-sippy cup...help!

    There are sippy cups that come with a straw - you can try those. And, a straw should be as safe as other methods of feeding, provided she's being supervised safely. The straw also works well if the caregiver puts it into her mouth. I'll try to explain this method here... have the milk in a container, a taller one (vs wide). Put the straw into the milk, and cover the top of the straw with a finger. Lift straw with milk inside it from the cup, and let the milk drip into baby's mouth. Baby should eventually figure out how to suck the liquid from the straw, at which point you can put the straw into the cup and let her drink it.

    There are other ways of getting milk into her - if she likes pacifiers, try those pacifiers that are made to give medications. Experiment with other methods of feeding - cups, spoons, medicine cups, measuring spoons, shot glasses, medicine droppers.

    Aug 28th is a month away - much can change in a month! :-)
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