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Thread: Dehydration?

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    Default Dehydration?

    Okay ladies I have a few questions about this that have been cropping up over this heat wave.
    1st. I know I have been having problems staying hyrdated personally lately because of the color of my urine. (Dark yellow orangish tinge) But I have attributed that to the fact that DJ has been sucking the life out of my because the heatwave has coincided with a 2nd bout of teething and I'm am letting him do as many shorts bouts as he wants in a day becaue I know he's comfort nursing and want him to get the extra hydration because it's hot and he'a a SWEATY little guy! Tips on staying hydrated personally? I am hardly ever without liquid, try to stay away from soda,(Though not entirely successful) I do 1/2 water 1/2 juice in any juice drink I do, always use 16oz glasses and always use ice and let melt and drink that too! Take a glass of water to bed with me every night and still.... Any Ideas?

    At 1st I wasn't worried becasue I thought well at least he's getting what he needs and if one of us has to be dehyrated it's me. But lately I'm getting concerned about even that. He started showing interest in drinking water out of a glass so I've been letting him. And got to thinking it might be the temperature issue. (I know I'd rather drink ice water than warm milk)So he has a sippy cup of water with him and he drinks water and seems to enjoy that. He's 7 months so I think he can drink water right? But beyond the usual sweating he does, everynight when he nurses to sleep, all efforts to crawl, all sessions in Jump & Go, there's been much more just perspiring because of the weather. And this morning I noticed what appears to be chapped lips (on him)
    so now I'm beginning to get quite uneasy about him getting enough fluids
    Please Help!
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    Default Re: Dehydration?

    I know you are way, way hotter than here, but we have been having a hot spell too (I live in Montana), and I have been worried about dehydration too. Dd loves drinking cold water from her sippy cup so I have been giving it to her in between nursing. I have tried to offer the breast more often, but she really doesn't seem to want it, but she does love her water. I hope its okay--she really doesn't drink more than 4 oz or so. She sweats like crazy and has a really hard time going to sleep,and like you lo, yesterday she woke up with mildly chapped lips. I sure wish it were easier on them!!! I guess unless someone responds to your post with other suggestions, I will keep givingher water in her sippy.

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    Default Re: Dehydration?

    Hey, DJ's mom - yup; sure is hotter than we're used to out this way! We got to 104 across the bay from you and north a bit - this weekend. Ugh. DS is like his daddy and doesn't like the heat. Even I've had enough and I'm more tolerant!

    We turned the front porch into a water park of sorts; filled the porch with foam squares that I had ordered for this purpose (the tiles out there get too hot for feet!) and pulled in the hose. Lots of water-friendly toys, buckets, pails, cups and water-shoes on J. We all got quite wet and cooled off....

    BUT....to actually address your question, it's probably safe to say that YOU are taking more of a hit on this than your son is. Your body will adjust its milk composition to whatever your LO needs - so he's getting more water thru you. YOU, on the other hand, DO need to work on keeping hydrated so that you feel ok - sounds like you are trying to do that. One thing that I've read over and over is that the lactating body - unless conditions are super super severe and prolonged - really will do what it needs to do to take care of baby, even through hunger and thirst, stress and strain.... YES; at 7 mo, DS can indeed drink water and it's great that you keep it available to him in this heat if he wants it, particularly when he is hot. When you can have some cooler times (evenings, etc.), it's great to keep up the standard BF to keep him up to speed with all the benefits of BF.... Question: how are the wet diapers? Same output as usual? If those drop off or start to smell particularly strong, then it's time to get more concerned and to limit activity in the heat and watch fluids intake more.... We have had to put a little chapstick and/or aquaphore on J's lips recently, too, just fyi.

    So.... in short.... you are probably fine; keep up with the water and try to stay cool...and pray for a little fog!

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    Default Re: Dehydration?

    Thank you both for responding!
    that's part of the problem! We have no air conditioner and aren't really good at dealing with the heat. (it's 89 in the living room right now with fans going and shades drawn). So we've been running for the pool most days. I have NO IDEA what his output is really like because we're in the water in a swim diaper like everyother day! And I leave him in his fuzzi buns on him all night so of course they're plenty soaked but he's usually in them for at least 10 hrs.

    I guess we'll just not worry about it. I had just thought that someone who has nursed through a hot summer or two might have some extra tips on staying hydrated.....it does concern me that I'm doing more than usual to stay hydrated and still not able to keep up. Hopefully this (heat) will pass! At least we have power!

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