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Thread: How do I introduce cows milk?

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    Default How do I introduce cows milk?

    DD is 10 months now, but I am wanting to do somewhat mother-led weaning at 1 year..actually I know the night nursing sessions will be hard, but I would like to cut on the day sessions first. My question is, how do I wean DD from breastmilk/nursing to cows milk. I have tried to put breast milk in a sippy cup before and DD would not touch it (I don't want her on a bottle at 1 year). She doesn't take the bottle of BM very well from DH as it is. Any advice would be awesome.

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    Default Re: How do I introduce cows milk?

    I am wondering the same thing. DS is almost 1 year and I would like to stop pumping, so when the freezer supply runs out in a few weeks, I will not have more BM to send him during the day. I am planning to continue BF when we are together at night, but don't know how he will respond to cow's milk during the day.

    DS still drinks EBM out of a bottle. We have been giving him a sippy cup at every meal with water in it for a few months, but he mostly just chews on the end of it (it is a Born Free bottle with one of the softer "nipples"). I want to switch him off the bottle and onto the sippy too.

    I have been thinking about mixing some cow's milk and EBM and gradually getting him used to the cow's milk. I don't know if anyone else has some experience with this or any better suggestions...

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    Default Re: How do I introduce cows milk?

    I was actually going to post a question similiar to yours. My dd is almost 10 months and I am not sure how I am going to go about the weaning process. I work during the day so I pump, and I was wanting to try to transition her from bottle during the day to sippy cup, & was also wondering how to transition her to cows milk I will have to keep watch on your thread hopefully somebody can chime in.
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    Default Re: How do I introduce cows milk?

    Answered my own question....Just to let ya know. I asked DDs pedi today and he said to transition to a sippy of bm and then slowly add cows milk to the bm. Problem is..she wants boobie.

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    Default Re: How do I introduce cows milk?

    And keep in mind - if you choose to wean and she won't take cow milk - there are other sources of the nutients found in other foods so it's not an end all be all And if baby is over 1 yr. even 3-4 nursing a day give them the majority of their nutritional requirements
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    Default Re: How do I introduce cows milk?

    I tried using a straw with my one year old. After a few days he got the hang of it and drinks like a champ. He's not really into sippy cups.

    Also, try getting someone else to feed him if he insists on the boobs.

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