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Thread: 7 months old and solids

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    my dd is 8 months a few days ago..and she will pretty much only eat bananas..or anything mixed w bananas and sweet pot..but thats it. and most of time she doesnt like the spoon either. she would prefer to put a whole banana in her mouth herself and freaks out if i take it away but im afraid she will choke. but i have niced that she would rather eat something non pureed that i am eating. for instance i broke off peices of a rasberryand she opens her mouth to eat it. also bananas peices, and small peices of chix. also cheese..but i just found out kids shouldnt have dairy until 1r if milk allergy in the family--and i have that so will holf off on yogurt and other dairy till then!

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    She sounds a lot like my DD. Mine is 7.5MO and she loves banana and sweet potato. I've started just buying bananas and cutting a piece off and just spooning her little chunks with my finger. I've also recently started cheerios with her. She loves them and is really good at getting them in her mouth. It's reassuring now knowing that she can handle them and doesn't choke. I feel more secure giving her bites of other foods. I do give her other veggies and fruit, but most of the time I have to mix the veggies with sweet potato for her to eat it.

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    I too would be worried about allergies.
    Also sodium intake.

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