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Thread: What kind of milk?

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    Default What kind of milk?

    Hello, this will be my first post.

    I would like to ask your opinion. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant and still breastfeeding my 12 months old son. I have no intention to stop breasfeeding him although it currently hurts like crazy!

    I'm still pumping at work, but I can only get about 3 oz total per day. So my question is, what should I give my son if my EBM isn't enough?

    My husband wants to avoid formula if at all possible. Is it sufficient if I just give him fresh milk? I still nurse him at night and during the weekends. Will that be ok since my milk is on the low side due to the pregnancy.

    What should I add in his diet to make sure he gets sufficient 'brain food' and other nutrients?

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    Default Re: What kind of milk?

    Your concern is common around these parts as many have had the same question. Below is a quote taken from this link that talks about this very subject.

    When you can read up more on the link and let us know if there's more we can help with
    If your baby is older than 9-10 months and still breastfeeds regularly (at least a few times a day), and is expanding his interest in solid foods, he does not require any additional milk (formula, cow's milk, soy milk, rice milk or the equivalent nutrients from other foods).
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    Default Re: What kind of milk?

    I always found a little cows milk if they are over a year never hurt. Just a little, so he learns to like the taste. At least for ME, my baby bf until 22 months when he self weaned and then it occurred to me to introduce cows mik. Well he's three, and still doesn't drink it!!
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