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Thread: STTN and solids

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I was just feeling a bit upset... i just think that my lo ped. thinks that i am a bit over protective and crazy. She always seems to me like she is inching her way to the door after only seeing us for 5-10 minutes and we have waited 50 minutes past her appointment time! I am just frustrated that I explicity have told her several times that I wanted to wait to start solids and she seemed to be making such an fuss over getting her going I thought maybe my thinking was wring. I guess luck for us we are moving at the end of June so she will get a new ped. after her 6 month check up....
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    I wanted to add that solids actually hurt us with sleeping. She was so gassy and was up more than when she just had milk. She was actually sleeping thru when we started the solids. We started at 6.5 mths and then stopped cause it was so bad (3 hrs awake at night with gas pain) and then restarted around 7.5 mths. It has been very slow and she just started getting 2 meals a day at 11 mths! She is a tank (almost 25 lbs at 12 mths) so I wasn't worried in that department. I would wait till 6 mths and then take it slow, if they do great, keep going, if not back off. Its so individual.
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