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Thread: solids/milk at 9 months

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    Default solids/milk at 9 months

    Andy is nursing or taking 5 oz EBM 6-7 times/day and taking 2 tbsp cereal and a whole 3.5 oz container fruit/veggie 2x day. How about the other 9 month babies?

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    Default Re: solids/milk at 9 months

    My DD is getting 3 meals of solids a day (usually 4oz at a meal), 3 4oz bottles at daycare, and usually 4 nursing sessions.
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    Default Re: solids/milk at 9 months

    She'll actually be 10 m soon but we're doing a few crackers during the day and about 2tbls of solids in the evening, if she'll have it! We're still nearly EBF!!
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    Default Re: solids/milk at 9 months

    DD will be 9 months in a week. She takes one container of fruit/veggies per day, and a handful of Cheerios (of which about 2 actually make it to her mouth! ). Sometimes I'll give her some rice cereal, but she's not really a fan.

    As far as milk, she takes three 4 oz bottles of expressed milk while I am at work & nurses on demand in the morning, evenings, & throughout the night. I'd say she nurses at least 8 times while we're together.

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    Default Re: solids/milk at 9 months

    My 9mo old baby nurses 3 times a day: morning, noon, before bedtime. He eats one yogurt and a handful of cheerios for breakfast. For lunch he eats a mix of oatmeal and rice cereal (or barley and rice) with 4 oz of milk (I make it really thick) and some fruit like half a banana or 2 oz of applesauce, pears or prunes. For dinner he likes to eat about 6oz of things like: avocado and egg yolk, beef and vegetables, chicken and mashed potatoes. He also eats a snack around 4pm: rice crackers that melt in his mouth and cheerios.

    Hope it helps!!!

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