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Thread: rebuilding supply

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    Unhappy rebuilding supply

    My lo is 2 weeks old today. I thought she wasn't getting enough breast milk because she was nursing 3 times in 1 hour and a half, every 2 to 3 hours. I started her on formula last friday. Now she is doing the same thing on the formula. I would like to get her back to the breast since we have the same problem with formula. I nursed her several times over the past couple days and pumped some because It was so hard for me to give up on bfing. This is only tuesday and my milk supply has dropped drastically. How can I get it built back up?

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    Default Re: rebuilding supply

    Keep on nursing - nurse a lot and often. It's only been a few days and since you have pumped some it won't take long. Allow her full access to nursing and check out this link to help you determine that she's getting enough .

    Keep in mind babies tend to nurse frequently in those early weeks and it doesn't mean you're not making enough (as with low supply which is often misunderstood) or that she's just still hungry. They go through growth spurts and if they're allowed to nurse on cue - they know when and how often

    - keep us posted
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    Default Re: rebuilding supply

    I think Number3 covered it all.

    How are things going now?

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    Things are going better. I am pumping 1 ounce from both breast. I was barely covering the bottom of the bottle tuesday. Also I am putting lo to breasts until empty then giving formula. The formula is giving her acid reflux and she is vomiting. She never vomited from breast milk. Hopeful I will be pumping 2-3 ounces by sunday so I can get her back to breastfeeding 100%.

    Also since I started breastfeeding I am having stinging in my nipples. Is this normal?

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