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Thread: calorie boosters

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    you can always mix rice cereal in with any of your lo's purees/yogurt, etc. My DD has yogurt every morning for breakfast and I always add some type of cereal too it to thicken it, but it adds calories as well. If you have no peanut allergies in the family you could try to introduce peanut butter and put it on toast or something.

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    I would urge you to nurse as much as possible. Breastmilk is plenty high in calories and fat.

    Beyond that, some ideas might be; banana, avacado, whole milk yogurt, sweet potato, whole grain pasta in a healthy oil fortified sauce, etc.


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    I do flax seed oil mixed in applesauce like you mentioned. I am going to try to get some coconute oil too!!

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    I give my baby a lot of cheerios when we're out. He loves it but you need to give him a lot of water too so he won't constipate.

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