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Thread: Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

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    Question Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

    My dd will be 12 months old in Sept.

    I hope to be in a new school next fall (trying to move back to my hometown) and I really don't want to go through all the pumping at my new job. (and I just would like my body back after a year of BF...yes I'm a bit selfish but a year is awesome IMO) So I have a good 5 months to continue BFing...

    But then what?

    She'll be just about old enough to start other forms of milk, like cow's or what not.

    But for those who have weaned (mother-led) at one year, what do I do?

    Do I need to start gradually weaning her starting at like 11 months or even earlier than that? (like one less feeding a day, giving her something else like baby food or whatever she eats by then)

    I'm almost clueless when it comes to weaning...HELP!!!

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    Default Re: Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

    Well were kinda in the middle of weaning - I look at it as a cooperative event

    What I can suggest, given the other posts from other moms I've seen go through something similar, is continuing the BF relationship while you're at home, but provide other foods/drinks when you're gone. No need for pumping (if you don't choose to)
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    Default Re: Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

    I did exactly what you're talking about. I pumped up through 9 months, and after that I was nursing 3 times a day up through a year, at which point, I was ready to stop. I usually come home for lunch to nurse, so that was the first feeding to go. Instead of nursing, I would let him sit in my lap while we ate lunch together. He protested at first, but after about 2 days, he got used to it. We did this for about 2 weeks, and then I dropped the first-thing-in-the-morning feeding. He did fine--we just jumped straight to breakfast (was eating solids pretty well at this point). After a few weeks, I finally gave up the before-bed nursing, and wouldn't you know - he protested mildly the first night I had DH put him to sleep, but after that, he was fine.

    As a side note, once we dropped the bedtime nursing, he started sleeping MUCH better, all night long, which he NEVER did before.

    The hardest part was about 5 days after our final nursing, at which point I mentally started to get a little stir crazy with the yearn to nurse him. It's a little bittersweet, no doubt.

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    Default Re: Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

    I only have time for a quick response:
    (1) Please pick up or borrow the book How Weaning Happens. Short and gives great suggestions for MLW at any age.
    (2) Personally, I found this site when my DD1 was 11 months old and I was seeking weaning advice as well. I ended up deciding to wait BUT I stopped pumping during the day a couple of months later and "partially weaned." She started drinking cow or soy milk during the day and nursing on the evenings and weekends. We slowly worked down to only one nursing session each day. So, it's not all-or-nothing but you can go slowly and "partially" wean.


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    Default Re: Looking ahead: mother-led weaning?

    there are a number of us on this site that stopped pumping at around the 1 year mark but have continued to have a breastfeeding relationship outside of work hours and on holidays and weekends. I don't mean to push, but if you're interested in hearing more about it, I think it's a really worthwhile route to follow - if the main reason you want to wean at a year really is the work issues.

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